Upgrade Spring Framework in an existing application

When working on an existing application using an older version of the Spring Framework (aka Spring) it might be time to upgrade. Although in most cases upgrading to a newer version of Spring is a matter of changing the version. When doing a large upgrade, like from 2.5 to 5.1,... [Read More]

Use JDBI with Spring Boot

As a developer I’m always interested in using different data access technologies instead of plain JDBC. Especially combined with Spring Boot. Recently I came across JDBI and was intested in trying it out with Spring Boot as an experiment. [Read More]

On Spring ApplicationContext and Bean Creation

There appears to be a lot of confusion in the community on how to expression bean configuration or rather how to convert bean configuration from XML to Java (or Groovy, or Kotlin, or…) as it appears as if the different ways of configuration are completely different things. [Read More]
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Spring Framework: "Hidden" Gems

The Spring Framework (and its portfolio projects) contain a lot of functionality already by themselves. However there are also some nice hidden gems inside the framework, in this blog I will (un)cover a couple of them. The code for the sample(s) can be found on Github. [Read More]
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Yeoman behind a (corporate) proxy

After playing around with AngularJS and Yeoman at home I decided to try it out at work. To clarify @Home I use a Mac with OSX and use Homebrew to install additional packages. @Work I have a virtual workstation running Windows 7 installed. Trying out that setup on that configuration was,... [Read More]

Spring Security 3

Spring Security 3 is a pretty decent book if you want to get started with Spring Security or want to know more of the internals or exotic features it has to offer. [Read More]

Spring Persistence with Hibernate

This book sets out to explain the usage of hibernate with the spring framework. This is basically done in the first chapters. It explains how to configure hibernate from within a spring ApplicationContext and it explains how to write a dao. To bad that, for the dao, they still use... [Read More]

Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development

A few weeks ago I was contacted by packt publishing to review one of their books. They asked me if I wanted to review Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development (sample chapter). [Read More]

Migrate classic J2EE to Spring (Step 1)

A few months ago SpringSource released a white paper describing the migration from J2EE to a Spring framework based application. Even before they wrote that white paper I already had the idea of writing something about how to migrate from J2EE to a Spring based application. However Colin Sampaleanu (at... [Read More]

Configuring JNDI Resources in Tomcat

It seems quite hard to configure a JNDI Resource in Tomcat. Especially when it comes to configuring XA capable resources. The key lies in understanding how Resources work/need to be configured. A Resource has a few properties which are used by Tomcat, those are the auth, name, description, scope and... [Read More]
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Securing Spring Web Flow

Well that is the title of the presentation I just gave at the NL-JUG 2007 conference. The presentation was about the Spring Web Flow solution we created to secure flows. The presentation can be found and the conference website. The code is available in the JIRA under issue SWF-93 but... [Read More]

One application, per client database

In one of my recent projects we came a cross an application model which had 1 codebase but for every client they had (around 40) they deployed one application. Sometimes they had to redeploy several times because they had memory and performance issues. We soon realized that we needed to... [Read More]
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Spring Web Flow Tag Library

A while ago we started to use Spring Web Flow. We needed to convert our old WizardForms and Multi SimpleFormController screens to the Spring Web Flow ones. After converting about three jsp’s I got fed up with the hidden fields, the submit buttons with the specified name. Generating urls with... [Read More]