A while ago we started to use Spring Web Flow. We needed to convert our old WizardForms and Multi SimpleFormController screens to the Spring Web Flow ones. After converting about three jsp’s I got fed up with the hidden fields, the submit buttons with the specified name. Generating urls with a flowExecutionKey and eventId was even worse. Also after making al those typos in flowExecutionKey I decided to create a taglibrary which can write different HTML tags needed in Spring Web Flow. So after experimenting a bit I wrote three tags:

  • FlowExecutionKeyTag: Writes hidden field with the flowExecutionKey
  • UrlTag: Writes a url containing the flowExecutionKey and eventId
  • SubmitTag: Writes a submit button and optional a hidden flowExecutionKey field



will generate

<input type="hidden" name="_flowExecutionKey" value="<current_flowexecutionkey>">


<swf:url url="somelink.flow" eventId="read" paramName="someId" value="${someObject.id}">Link</swf:url></pre>

will generate

<a href="somelink.flow?_flowExectionKey=<current_flowexecutionkey>&_eventId=read&someId=123">Link</a>


<swf:submit eventId="save" value="Save"/>

will generate

<input type="submit" value="Save" name="_eventId_save">

There are 2 JIRA issues concerning Web Flow Tags, I attached this code to one of them.

The sources can also be downloaded from here or point your favorite subversion client to the repository at http://bespring.googlecode.com/svn/.